Bryan Jay Redniss

Owner, The Rose

A New York native with a self-described troublesome childhood, Bryan Jay Redniss found himself cooking at the age of sixteen during a court-ordered stint at a youth correctional facility. He ran the dish pit and cooked stocks and soups to help work off countless hours of community service. Two years and hundreds of lunch-and-dinner shifts later dedicated to stirring slop and polishing dishes for derelict half-criminal teenagers, Bryan was released at the age of eighteen. He promised himself that he’d never work in a kitchen again.

Bryan moved to Vail, Colorado to pursue his dream of snowboarding. For fifteen years, he competed in snowboarding competitions and traveled the world to make snowboarding films alongside industry heavyweights. He spent 300 days a year chasing the snow…and then he broke his promise. During the 65 days of the off-season, he worked in multiple Vail Valley bars and restaurants to help pay for rent and new camera gear. Then, in 2009, while filming at Aspen X-games, he met the love of his life, Jessica, now his wife and mother of his child. In 2013, they abandoned Bryan’s promise once and for all and opened The Rose, a cocktail-focused bar, bakery and bistro in Edwards, Colorado. Bryan focuses on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients with recipe inspirations from all over the world. Everything is made in-house: the tonics and syrups at the bar; the pastas, the ponzu; and the pickled ginger and avocado fries. Since it opened, The Rose has become both a local and media favorite, racking up several accolades—including multiple “Best of Vail” awards for the past three years. Bryan and Jessica recently expanded The Rose and they’re also opening a commissary kitchen with an event/dinner space to offer more options and a creative outlet for service industry friends and chefs in the Vail valley and Colorado’s culinary community. Bryan is also helping some of his bar team launch Lost Identity Beverage Co., a shrub, tonic and canned cocktail company that’s helped shape the Rose’s bar menu and been sold in house for a few years now.

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