COVID Safety

Safe Sips – how it works

Although we would love to know what this next year will bring, we cannot say for sure if we will need to implement any restrictions for the upcoming 2022 event. Please see what our guidelines were for our event in 2021.

The safety of our guests and wineries is our top priority! To keep you safe, we’ve implemented a few rules for a safe event. We fully anticipate these changing by the time this event happens. Thank you for working with us on these.  

Current Event Guidelines

  • Temperature Checks for guests, staff and wineries
  • Refunds if you’re showing symptoms or may have been exposed. Must be requested 24 hours in advance 
  • No we do not require vaccinations to attend our events, but it is highly recommended as some areas may be crowded.

Safety precautions we’re taking even if we don’t have to… 

  • Outdoor venue
  • Half capacity for the event session 
  • Sanitizer readily available throughout the event 
  • Dedicated sanitizer crew to clean constantly during the event and between sessions 
  • All festival staff are vaccinated 
  • Masks available upon request 
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