Kevin Grossi

Chef, The Regional

Kevin Grossi is a native Michigander and tried-and-true Midwesterner who knew his path from an early age. Following high school graduation, he enrolled in the Schoolcraft College culinary program in Livonia, Michigan, and from there, the quest to eat, learn and work under amazing chefs became an addiction. 

After stops in Boston, San Diego and Vail, Kevin finally settled in Denver, pulling cooking stints at Tamayo, Zengo, The Coral Room, Parisi, Jax Fish House and Lola. His hard work, diligence and knack for putting bold flavors together made him a natural choice to open Jax Fish House in Fort Collins, Colorado. He rekindled his relationship with farmers, earned the respect of residents and tourists with his fish-to-farm-to-table approach and established Jax as a powerhouse in the Northern Colorado community. 

Kevin returned to Denver to become the head chef of Lola, where he relentlessly pursued local ingredients and put his own unique perspective on Mexican fish house cuisine. After six years with Jax and Lola, Kevin opened his own concept: The Regional, a restaurant that got its start in Denver and has since moved to Fort Collins. There, in that vibrant college town, Kevin soulfully recreates comforting American hometown cuisine. 

When he’s not in the kitchen, Kevin snowboards in the snowcapped Rocky Mountains, hits the trails on his mountain bike and tends to his garden.

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