Steve Steese

Co-Founder, The Storm Cellar

Steve Steese has worked in the hospitality industry most of his adult life. During his seven-year tenure at Shanahan’s Steakhouse, he transformed its wine list into one of the most esteemed wine rosters in Denver, a feat that was rewarded when Wine Spectator magazine bestowed its annual “Best Of” Award of Excellence on the restaurant every year that Steve was involved with the wine program. Steve was selected two years in a row as one of fifteen international “Sommelier Stars” to host the Sonoma County Wine Weekend. He’s traveled, interned and studied in many of the great wine regions of the world and lived a life based around the pursuit of the sensory experience, extensively exploring the visual arts, music, dance, cooking and gardening. His dual degrees in sculpture and ceramics led to a teaching position in Tuscany, Italy, which was the birthplace of his love for wine and fine cuisine; the lifestyle that he experienced there still resonates with him today. Steve is also co-founder of The Storm Cellar, a Hotchkiss, Colorado-based winery, where he’s also a farmer and winemaker along with his wife, Jayme Henderson. Together, they farm and craft high-elevation white and rosé wines.

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