August 22 - 24, 2024

Michael Halpin


Mike joined the Hearthstone culinary team in 2005, serving as our executive chef until the spring of 2012, at which time he followed his passion for music and spent a year in Steamboat Springs managing a live music venue. In the spring of 2013 Mike and his wife Kristin returned to Breck, and Mike resumed his role as the Hearthstone’s executive chef. Originally from Chicago, Mike attended culinary school at Kendall College, and later worked as chef de cuisine at Merriman’s, on the big island of Hawaii. Mike’s culinary passions center on great taste first and foremost, followed by freshness of ingredients, a belief that simple is often better, and a commitment to using locally sourced and sustainably raised foods whenever possible. Mike is a lifelong and always believing Chicago Cubs fan, and would tele ski right through the summer, if there was only enough snow still left to do it. 

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