Learn from the best in the industry as they take you along to combine their passions of wine, food and the great outdoors. You wont just sip, sniff and swirl with them – you’ll ride down a mountain or hike up a trail with them. Engage with winemakers, vineyard owners and Master Sommeliers in their element in both a professional and recreational setting for so much more than a lecture.

  • William Davis
    William Davis
  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright
  • Bruce Carlton
    Bruce Carlton
    Executive Chef
  • Damon Ornowski
    Damon Ornowski
    Master Sommelier
  • Michael Halpin
    Michael Halpin
    Executive Chef
  • Sean Razee
    Sean Razee
    Master Sommelier
  • Shelley Sale
    Shelley Sale
    VP of Fine Wines, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits
  • Stacey Swetil-Rust
    Stacey Swetil-Rust
    Constellation Brands
  • Steve Arndt
    Steve Arndt
  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe
    Central Sales Director, Old Bridge Wines
  • Patrick Houghton
    Patrick Houghton
    Wine Director, Duckhorn Wine Company
  • Roberta Backlund
    Roberta Backlund
    Wine Consultant and Enthusiast
  • Jim Santangelo
    Jim Santangelo
    Sommelier & Educator
  • Jennifer Burke
    Jennifer Burke
    Western District Manager - Colorado
  • Erin Lindstone
    Erin Lindstone
  • Todd Rocchio
    Todd Rocchio
    Wine Director, Guard and Grace